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Barikee Boutique

Project Date:





850 sq. ft.

– Barikee –

Located on the first floor of a striking commercial building on an upscale primary road of Rajkot, this boutique houses custom made bridal wear.


The brief was to create a one of its kind luxurious boutique which represents its ethos and work style.

Concept and description:

The boutique is designed as an experience to reflect its name and values which is done by intricacy and attention to fine detailing.

As evident from the name, the design of the boutique uses motifs and embellishment which are set into a dark palette of colors and materials.

The use of traditional object such as the carved wooden entrance door or the customized thamblis evokes a contemporary feel.

Even though the layout and space allocation do ample justice to the circulation, it is the simple and elegant placement of the cantilever staircase and full length platforms, which go unnoticed yet, fulfill requirements of the space.

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