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Jetani Family

Project Date:





1700 sq. ft.

– Jetani Residence –


The clients, a young doctor couple wished to have their 4 bedroom apartment, elegant, neat and expansive.

Concept and description:

We chose a soothing color palette and a light wooden tone which continues throughout the apartment.

Mirror surfaces are used in various forms to give a feel of expansiveness. The furniture is custom made for a sleek and modern look. A very minimum material palette is selected which lends a sense of continuity to the eye.

The design is such that it makes one space flow into the other seamlessly. The long wall of the living area is treated with wainscoting which continues throughout the dining area.

The beveled bronze mirror cladding behind the dining table oozes warmth adding to the charm and expanse of the space.

The bedroom and washroom doors are flushed with the paneled walls to enhance the continuity of the walls throughout the apartment.

Each of the bedrooms’ layouts is uncluttered and minimal. The pastel tones and mirror cladding gives a feel of elegance to the overall design.

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