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Private Client

Project Date:





650 sq. ft.

– The Black Box –


The client wished to have his office that is more like a studio or a gallery, creating a lasting impact for the visitors.

Concept and description:

The office is styled to suit the personality of the owner, a young upcoming builder, who strives to bring the ‘new’ in each of his projects.

The material palette of marble, brass, veneer and fluted glass is used throughout the office space. The whole office has been imagined as a symphony of lines, forms and myriad play of light and shadows.

The layout offered a long narrow entrance foyer opening up to a reception and waiting space. This space is treated with a low, high gloss veneer ceiling featuring a large photo print mounted on it. The wall on the right hides a door to the pantry behind the louvered paneling giving a seamless look of a wall. To create an inviting feel, a small table and two chairs are placed in the foyer.

This entry of the office creates an image of unconventionality to the design approach of the space. In addition to this, the arrangement of spotlights emphasize the elements and create a setting and mood for the one who is present.

The custom designed reception table sits snugly in the alcove, made from black marble and laminated veneer.  The requirement of a small staff area was fulfilled behind the reception area with linear desk with sitting for three people.

A fluted glass partition divides the reception/waiting area from the main chamber of the client. The use of fluted glass allows light to flow through the inner chamber to the outer waiting space at the same time triggering the curiosity of the one waiting to enter.  

The inner chamber boasts of expansive floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides offering unrestricted views of the city skyline giving the viewer a sense of floating in the air.

This chamber has three tables and an informal sitting area with a sofa and a chair. The gleaming polished veneer tables with black marble cladding on the front and tan leather chairs make for a very powerful statement.

The main table is partially hidden behind a fluted glass partition signifying the hierarchy. Behind this table is a secret door along the louvered panels that leads to a private smoking zone giving the client a small nook to escape into his own world.

The material palette, the color theme, the grey stucco textured wall with matt black ceiling and wooden flooring all add up to the feel of luxury and power. Adding to this, the views from the expansive windows, it would not be hard for the client to crack deals in this space.

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