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Vacation Vibes - Travel Office

Project Date:





270 sq. ft.

– Vacation Vibes –

This travel office located in one of the upcoming plush high rise commercial buildings gave us an opportunity to redefine work space.



The client, a young female entrepreneur wanted a space with positive vibes and devoid of the cold formality that office space visually come with.

Her profession gave us the freedom to explore theme based interior, for which we zeroed in on Santorini, Greece. Given the characteristic theme, we evolved the design with the pristine white and blue color palette.

Concept and description:

The layout was derived in a tight space of 270 sq. ft. It was a challenge to incorporate the requirements and bringing in the theme along with. We consider it a feat to be able to play aesthetically under a tight budget.

All spaces are visually connected with each other to make the space look bigger than it actually is. The entrance brings one to a dramatic play of small arches on a curvilinear partition made fully in white. The softly carved arches and the curve itself give an ethereal feel to the whole space. It brings the onlooker to another world altogether.

The furniture elements and its placement define the spaces in the common area. A small work space for the team member on the left of the entrance gives access to the person to guide the client. The curved partition with a deep blue seating is inviting and enticing. We made it the most attractive area for the special clients. A small waiting is provided on the right of the entrance.

The curved high table keeping in symmetry with the arched wall serves as a small pantry unit doubling up as a discussion space.

The main chamber gets ample privacy with its placement and treatment.

The outdoor feel of Santorini is brought by the rounded arches, texture and the blue electric cables running on the ceiling. The ceiling also reflects the curvilinear pattern. A wholistic ambiance is achieved through the use of simple materials.

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