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WPS International Tours

and Holiday Office

Project Date:





650 sq. ft.

– W P S –

The style chosen for the space to function effectively is minimal and contemporary. The layout is kept simple and clean. The expansive glass facade on the north face of the site being the only source of natural light governs the placement of functional spaces in the layout. Both the chambers are bathed in the beautiful north light and get a view of the foliage planted across the road, which is a vantage point. This light is also brought to the work space and waiting area by using glass effectively in the partitions, taking care that the visual privacy of the chambers isn’t compromised.

The use of white solid surface for the worktops and courtesy panels against a continuous white ceiling and floor renders peace and a seamless spacious feel to the space.

The wood and white palette chosen keeping in mind the brief and client’s overall taste lend the space a timeless character, giving it a classic approach.

The picture collage on canvas frames lifts up the mood through colors and engages the clients.

While sitting in the waiting area, one doesn’t feel trapped in a closed box space. The far north glazing is partially visible to connect the visitor to the surroundings.

The client prefers to work with complete silence and dedication, which i have tried to capture in the design for the space.

Material palette:

Restrained use of material and color palette; and clean lines of design lend a Zen like feel to the work atmosphere. Fine detailing and finishing are the highlights of this well-lit interior. It gives a focused approach towards work and program as desired by the client.

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